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Jason Ellis Official Wolfknives Membership Package

***PLEASE NOTE: Allow up to 3 weeks for your package to ship and membership name to be assigned***

It started as a gang of one, but it got lonely at the top.
For the first time in history, the sweetest dude of all time is opening the doors to the most exclusive gang that has ever existed.

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1 x Wolfknives Large 6' X 4' Wall Banner   +$0.00
1 x Wolfknives Enamel Pin Set   +$0.00
1 x Wolfknives Large Die-Cut Decal   +$0.00
1 x Wolfknives Bottle Opener Keychain   +$0.00
1 x Wolfknives Harden The Fuck Up Trucker Hat   +$0.00
1 x Wolfknives Membership Card   +$0.00

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Think you got what it takes to be a member of the WOLFKNIVES? Probably not, but there is only one way to find out… Sign up now, get your EXCLUSIVE WOLFKNIVES gear and prepare for your world to be forever changed. Wolfknives Membership Items: - Exclusive Wolfknives Member Shirt - Tiger Box Denim Vest - Large 6' X 4' Wall Banner - Large Wolfknives Back Patch 12" X 13" - Wolfknives Bandana - Wolfknives Necklace - Wolfknives Patch - Small - Wolfknives Membership Card