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Big B - Random Stuff CD/DVD

Random Stuff is a CD/DVD combo. The CD is a compilation of Big B's finest recordings, including tracks with Kottonmouth Kings, Judge D, The Dirtball, Saint Dog and other members of the Suburban Noize Records Family. The CD also features 6 new and exclusive tracks! The DVD is a down and dirty collection of pure mayhem also featuring members of the Sub Noize family. Hosted by the one and only White Trash Renegade himself, Big B, this DVD also features members of the Kottonmouth Kings.

Track Listing:
1. The B
2. Hooligan
3. White Trash Renegade
4. MayDay w/ Dirtball
5. Summertime w/ Richter and Saint Dog
6. Somebody
7. Last Daze w/ Daddy X and DogBoy
8. Remember w/ D-Loc
9. Every MC w/ Chucky Styles
10. I Don't Wanna Die w/ Judge D and Richter
11. Whiteboys
12. Addicted
13. Half Empty w/ D-Loc and Daddy X
14. The Crab Shack w/ Tsunami Bros
15. Representin (Sin City) w/ One Session
16. Kali Kings w/ OPM and Richter
17. This Is A Robbery f/ John E. Necro
18. Whatcha Want f/ Richter, Dirtball and TJ Lavin
19. Higher Than A Motherf***er f/ Richter and John E. Necro
20. How It Sounds
21. Hey Joe

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