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Death by Stereo - Black Sheep of the American Dream CD

Coming back harder, faster, and louder than they ever have, their sixth full-length studio album Black Sheep of the American Dream marks the band's return to hardcore punk roots. With this album, DBS brought back original bassist and founding member, Paul Miner. Paul co-produced, co-wrote, engineered, mixed and mastered the album. With several years of experience producing under Paul's belt working with some of the most recognized punk, hardcore and metal bands around this record sounds like a brick to the face.

Track Listing:
1 WTF is going on around here?
2 Much like a sore dick, we can't be beat
3 Growing numb
4 Get British
5 Harmonic divisor
6 Depression expression
7 Something's changing
8 Following is what you do best!
9 The 5th of July
10 Please go to heaven now

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