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SRH Compilation Spaded Jaded and Faded CD

SRH Presents: "Spaded, Jaded, & Faded" is the second official compilation album by Suburban Noize Records, released on October 29, 2002. It includes the Kottonmouth Kings, Judge D, and Sen Dog along with others.

Track Listing:
1. Spaded Intro
2. SX10 Erase Me
3. Judge w/ Bionic Jive Universal Soulja
4. Sprung Monkey Momentum
5. Mower Wrestle With The Pig
6. Stretcher Process Recorded
7. Capitol Eye Let's Go
8. Phunk Junkeez F/ Daddy X Do This
9. Jaded Intro
10. Kottonmouth Kings Police Story
11. Mellow Man Ace What The Hell Happened To Hip Hop
12. Sen Dog Latin Thug
13. Mellow Man Ace W/ Johnny Richter Live It
14. The Judge F/ Johnny Richter Judgement Time
15. Johnny Richter Lady Killer
16. Faded Intro
17. Bobby B F/ Kona Gold and Dog Boy My Selecta
18. Slightly Stoopid Cali Men
19. Mix Mob So Cal Drunks
20. Dial 7 Sucka
21. Burn Unit Irish People
22. Too Rude Dogin Bullets
23. Super Bright Light Down

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