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The Fray - How To Save A Life (Limited Edition 2xLP Vinyl)

Limited Edition 2xLP on Buttercream Vinyl

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Limited edition gatefold double LP on butterceam vinyl of the debut album from the Denver-based foursome The Fray. Features 12 melodic pop-rock songs and soaring vocals that resonate with sprawling tapestries and tales of hopefulness and heartache. Their debut release How To Save A Life showcases The Fray's style - a sophisticated, emotional blend of tinkling pianos, acoustic and electric guitars, and gently insistent rhythms that serves as an ideal backdrop for lead singer Isaac Slade's pitch-perfect, achingly beautiful vocals. The album includes the addictive single Over My Head (Cable Car) and the title track, How To Save A Life, a heartbreaking meditation on salvation inspired by Slade's experience as a mentor to a crack-addicted teen. Both songs employ an epic sweep, speeding up and slowing down so effortlessly that the listener can't help but become emotionally involved by the time the crescendo hits. Track List: 1. She Is 2. Over My Head (Cable Car) 3. How To Save a Life 4. All At Once 5. Fall Away 6. Heaven Forbid 7. Look After You 8. Hundred 9. Vienna 10. Dead Wrong 11. Little House 12. Trust Me