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The White Buffalo Darkest Darks Lightest Lights Bundle 2

-"Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights" CD
- Darkest Darks Shirt
- Signed Lithograph
- TWB Satin Coaches Jacket
- Darkest Darks Trucker Hat
*OPTIONAL ADD ON: Vinyl for $17.99

Also, includes the following instant Grat tracks:
7/21: “The Observatory”
8/18: “Avalon”
9/15: “Robbery”

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Tracklisting: 1. Hide And Seek 2. Avalon 3. Robbery 4. The Observatory 5. Nightstalker Blues 6. Madam's Soft, Madam's Sweet 7. If I Lost My Eyes 8. Border Town / Bury Me In Baja 9. The Heart And The Soul Of The Night 10. I Am The Moon