Benchmark Merchandising



Benchmark Merchandising develops, distributes, and manages innovative merchandise product lines that cover a wide range of sales outlets including live event, e-commerce and wholesale/retail outlets.



Touring merchandise is at the core of our expertise.  We manage all of our clients touring merchandise needs, from the initial stages of developing a product line, through daily event management overseeing all sales and inventory projections. Our managed tour supply service takes into account the current market and tour conditions to help artists navigate all aspects of tour merchandise.

We understand entertainment merchandising is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year revenue stream. We work on a nightly basis with the tour merchandise manager to track sales and project the merchandise sales for each tour. We proactively produce restocks of merchandise that will be needed for the upcoming events.  We handle all logistic and shipping related tasks, working with venues and freight companies to deliver shipments to tour before an artist sells out of their best selling designs, sizes, or items. By tracking the sales in detail, this also allows us to minimize excess stock at the end of tours & maximize profit margins for our artists.


E-Commerce Management


Our e-commerce solutions allow our clients to customize a store and begin selling products online quickly, without major costs and hassles.

Our store platform and technology was built after extensive research and evaluation of major clothing online retailers. One major strength rare with other entertainment online stores is our use of multiple, detailed & zoom capable product images.

We routinely handle high volume pre-orders for new releases, ensuring that customers are delivered the new release as close to the release date as possible.  We work months in advance to handle design concept & production, product manufacturing and inventory control for our artists pre-orders, coordinating limited edition products, exclusive items and contests & giveaways in conjunction with the release.

Benchmark will also help oversee & develop marketing efforts to increase traffic and order volume to the store.



Working with a wide range of in house & freelance designers, Benchmark is able to stay on the cutting edge of current fashion trends.  Our designers service a wide range of markets, producing custom graphics to fit the style requirements of all of our clients.

Beginning with collaboration on a direction and style, we bring together a wide range of graphic options to present for review.  Once approved, we match the selected designs with a variety of products to solidfy a line that is tailored to the appropriate tour, online or retail campaign.



Following selection of designs, we produce the approved products according to the specifications agreed upon.  We work with a wide range of garment brands, distributors & suppliers, sourcing to fit the needs of all markets.  Custom manufacturing and cut & sew production are also options when products require manufacturing that extends beyond the limit of traditional branding methods.

Some of the processes used in product manufacturing include screen printing, embroidery, cut and sew techniques, applique, discharge printing, water based, foil and metallic printing, oversized and all overprinting.



Our wholesale and retail sales team works to supply a wide range of retail outlets with our client’s newest products. We begin with solicitation of our product line and continue with new product updates, inventory management and consistent product fulfillment. We strive to maintain very strong relationships with buyers ranging from independent retailers, online/mail-order stores and major retail chains throughout the world. Our account-base is broad and our goal is to get your products in front of the appropriate target audience and find new ways to create business and opportunities for our wholesale and retail partners.